Episode 2: The best subscription funnel for publishers

Welcome to WP Publisher Sessions, where we explore how publishers can grow their audience and revenue.

Your hosts are Lesley Sim of newsletterglue.com, Pete Ericson of leakypaywall.com, and Steve Burge of publishpress.com.

This session is all about upgrade flows. Pete Ericson of Leaky Paywall talks about his Subscription Accelerator Framework and how he helps publishers generate significant revenue by implementing metered paywalls and the right subscription upgrade flow for them.

01:25 Problem: People are sick of paywalls

02:12 Solution: Better implemented metered paywalls + paid newsletter

03:19 New York Times’s revenue is now 41% subscriptions. Paywalls work!

04:55 A majority of people will upgrade and pay after nurturing

07:55 Site visitor to paid subscriber flow

10:48 Case study: How Tea Journey implements this flow

17:32 Step 1: Free registration

22:55 Step 2: Free newsletter for nurturing

30:30 Upgrade message on site

31:59 Step 3: Paid newsletter

39:07 Overview of 3 steps

43:59 Case Study: How Small Boats Monthly sets up their flow






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